SaveMom Ahalya

SaveMom Ahalya collabrates with Government organizations and foundations to provide antenatal care to remote areas. The kit includes 5 key devices that collects medical data.

Fetal Monitor

The fetal monitor records and draws fetal heart sound and can be used to analyze , store and transmit the same via cloud.

Blood Pressure Monitor

This can be used to measure blood pressure and check pulse number and the data can be stored to the cloud system.

Pulse Oximeter

The mobile pulse oximeter measures the blood oxygen saturation and pulse. The operation is very easy and the date is stored in the cloud system.

Blood Glucose Monitor

Blood Glucose monitors the blood glucose in real time . The blood needed is only 2.5UL and the results are there for you in 5 secs.

Body Fat Scale

This system provides body weight, BMI, body fat ratio, body moisture , muscle mass , basal, metabolic rate and store the data to the cloud.

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Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby!