SaveMom collabrates with hospitpals and intends to provide a digital ecosystem for pregnant women.

Designer Wearable

A special designed wearable for women that tracks her physical activity, sleep cycle and provides reminders from time to time.

Medicine and Appointment Reminders

The wearable reminds her to take medicine on the right time and also reminds her to not miss her antennatal appoinments.

Pregnancy Information

SaveMom App acts as a wikipedia providing all the pregnancy related information in a creative manner. We know too many words doesnt work always. We provide you what you need to know in just few words and pictures.


SaveMom App provides dashboards to track her physical activity, sleep cycle and to customize the reminders.

Medical Reports

We know it is difficult to safegaurd all your reports and carry them everytime during your appointments. Savemom App makes it easy for you by making all the reports available at your finger tips. You can share your reports with you family members and verify them whenever you require.

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Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby!